Completed projects

Building a house in Kiev. Getting started

Nowadays, the question of building a private house in Kiev is quite popular. Everyone wants to live in a fresh air, relax in your own backyard and equip the surrounding area to your taste, enjoy all the amenities of a country house. (more…)

Obtaining permits

After receiving the certificate of permission on land and property rights registration or lease contract, begins the process of collecting of output data for the construction design. (more…)

Technical supervision

  • Cottages.
  • Country houses.
  • Apartments.
  • Offices.
  • Shopping centers.
  • Industrial, residential and warehouse buildings. (more…)

Construction cost estimations

Each construction begins with preparation of a construction estimates. This document should reflect the market value of the materials, equipment and construction machinery. And also it should include the cost of manufactured works at all stages of construction, from the beginning to the ending stage of the commissioning of a finished facility. (more…)