Completed projects

Construction audit and technical consulting

Timely execution of construction audit and technical consultants will significantly increase profits and efficiency of future use of the property. In making decisions about the owner of a more efficient use of the property, a number of issues that require skilled counseling, conducting audits of construction of the property, bringing technical customer.

Building audit

Construction audit is a service that protects the economic interests of providing customers and investors, as well as organizes the process of investment management. Enter into a contract for construction audit to another stage of approval of building design, and works preliminary measurements and calculations. So, our experts during the audit of the construction will give recommendations to improve security for the building, and will assess the cost of the subsequent content of the object, will be given recommendations for optimization.

Conduct building audits will help eliminate unnecessary expenses on labor and materials, and provide control in all phases of construction and design of the building. Our specialists will undertake a technical customer in the construction process to ensure the full enforcement of project solutions and fulfillment of contractual obligations by contractors.

In addition, as part of consulting and construction audit, our company offers the following services:

– Technical and economic analysis and audit to identify deviations from the rules and standards established by VSN 58-88, SNIP 1.10.94 and other regulations in the field. Optimization of the maintenance staff, a detailed analysis of the costs incurred for the maintenance facility and minimization.

– Technical analysis of the decisions taken at the design stage of the building and the development of possible recommendations to improve the comfort of the object, its level of security.

– Assessment of planning decisions, and to develop recommendations to optimize the use of living space object with economic-technical maintenance (including working in the field of regulatory documents), as well as recommendations for the commercial use of space.

– Help with legal issues arising from the operation, operations on purchase and sale of the property and putting it out.

To avoid needless costs, we recommend entering into a contract for the construction audit only with reputable organizations that have the appropriate licenses and certificates, which include the company “Unicom Group”.

Technical Consulting

Our experts are ready to provide technical advice at any stage of the existence of the property.

– Technical consulting and technical audit of the design phase of the object. Long-term experience of our company shows that the technical consultants conducted at the design stage helps to avoid many of the problems in the construction and significantly reduce the cost of construction of the object. Usually, the only principle to adhere to the designers at this stage – is an adaptation of the ideas and wishes of the customer’s technical standards and requirements set by building regulations. In turn, technical advice from “service technology” allows the customer to obtain technical advice on the design of the building, based on its location, the demand in this market segment, as well as other circumstances, determined through a variety of marketing research.

The main task of technical consulting in the design phase of the building – from the extraction of the future facility maximum profit from its commercial use, as well as reduce the cost to operate it. Experts of our management company has revealed the presence in the overstatement of the estimated cost of construction at the design stage, and the disparity of decoration and building materials to the class being built property in the event that it is taking place.

– Technical consulting services during the construction phase. At this stage, the management company may take over the function of technical customer, monitor strict adherence to standards and building codes, compliance with the original design of the object being built, etc. At this stage, technical consulting includes both consulting services in the field of construction, and document management services.

– Technical consulting services in the operational phase of the property allows you to explore the effectiveness of the use of all available resources. Technical audit allow the owner to see how effective the service operation of the facility, not too high a cost for the maintenance of the building. In addition, if necessary, the management company may make a technical audit of the estimated costs for emergency work and the cost of major repairs. Generally, these works are performed in cases where the owners need reliable information on the technical condition of engineering systems and other communications facility. If Customer doubt how efficient and effective functioning of the organization of the building and working staff, our specialists can be performed evaluation of management, highlighting all the errors.

We remind you that the earlier owner to contact our company for services such as building audit, technical consulting and evaluation of management, the greater will be the economic benefit, and the more problems you will avoid the subsequent operation of the real estate.