Completed projects

What services does your company have?

We offer consulting services for the design of houses and office buildings, construction, reconstruction, repair, etc. We provide technical supervision for the design and construction of non-standard constructions and renovations.

How do you begin to work with the customer?

Our co-operation with the customer begins with a Target, addressing the needs and opportunities of the Customer. Task and estimates for the design, agreed with the customer, along with a set of initial data are the basis for the treaty.

Do you have a license?

Our company is licensed (license AB 205478, AB 475647 License) with a wide range of design and construction activities, and the qualifications and experience of our staff ensures strict compliance of the project development, without loss of time and with an economic effect.

Who gives permission to start construction?

To monitor the construction of a specially created and operates Inspection of State Architectural and Construction Supervision (Inspection ГАСК)

 What are the requirements and conditions must be met?

The object under construction must meet many requirements: town planning, environmental, sanitary, engineering, fire protection, economic, aesthetic … To meet these requirements, a powerful legislative and regulatory framework and monitoring system, and the design and construction on the list of licensed activities.

Where to start building?

Build in Ukraine permitted under the Law on regulation of urban development on 17 February 2011.

Ordered the construction may be a natural person (a citizen of Ukraine, or a stateless person, or even a citizen of another country) or entity (company, organization), only if it is the owner or user of the site, which is planned to build up.

Our experts are in support of the project approvals, obtaining a positive review and building permits. And during the period of construction, we will provide supervision of compliance solutions architecture and construction of the project. And just before the signing of the Act of State commissioning of the facility.

I think to start building a house or cottage? Can you give some advice?

Neglected city planner and architect better not to proceed with construction. Architect, construction team and client during the construction of housing are a single unit, they are required to think alike and know how to start building a house. Find someone who understands you as a customer at the first word, pretty hard. But this problem is real, and if it is in progress on the construction of a doomed luck!

In construction there is no fashion. Can be turned into reality any desire of the client, from high-tech to romanticism, from the classics to constructivism