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If the expert estimates are a “review of the money”, the technical supervision in construction is the observation of the materials used. And neglect of the technical supervision can lead to financial losses. There are cases when, due to the use of substandard materials and non-proven technologies losses reached up to thirty percent of the budget.

Technical supervision – is a series of different events, the priority of which is to make any kind of estimates, design, construction and engineering work since the initial design to the final stage of construction as possible manageable and accessible to the customer.

We perform services on technical supervision to provide clear, constructive recommendations that are made in the form of technical advice and the results of the specified tests.

Technical supervision in the construction carried out by us in detail: analyzes and architectural and engineering design processes, the total volume and estimates, the legal component, and also the stage of construction. With our help, you will be able to reduce their costs through proper distribution of materials and the use of the best technology.