Completed projects


Under the technical supervision, we provide:

• Control of the design decisions.

• Participate in the development schedules of work.

• Participate in the development of construction documents.

• Monitoring of compliance with the terms and requirements of the building regulations.

• The input quality control of materials.

• Monitoring of compliance with the quality of construction works.

• Check documents attesting to the quality of the construction of structures, products and materials (technical passports, certificates and laboratory tests etc.).

• Control of the removal of the defects, follow-up surveying during construction.

• Implement when ready provisional acceptance of critical structures of buildings.

• Monitor compliance of the volume and quality of work of construction documents and specifications.

• Monitoring the availability and accuracy of primary documentation.

• Monitoring the performance of the installation company guidance and supervision orders, requirements, technical supervision.

• Participate in the design documentation for the preservation or suspension of construction.

• Monitoring of compliance technologies and recommendations of firms that produce building materials and equipment.

• Monitor changes to the technical documentation and the increase in the cost of construction.

• Participation in the inspection and compliance projects comes to plumbing and heating installations, as its installation and acceptance into service.

• Intermediate acceptance phases of work performed.

Functions of the Customer

It is a complex work, which includes the following issues:

• Find a construction site

• Preparation of initial permits to carry out the design and construction

• Organization of project documentation at all stages, from pre-project proposals to the working document

• Coordination of the project documentation in the relevant instances and state organizations

• Site design object

• Prepare for the implementation of the project of construction in obtaining the necessary permits and approvals.

• Tendering for contract work

• Quality control of construction works

• Implementation of technical and field supervision and financial control

• Organization of the interaction of all participants in the construction

• Preparation and implementation of on-site labor and the state commission

• Transfer of the facility

• Receiving and processing of input data for the design of construction projects (feasibility studies, technical conditions for connection of utilities, building passport)

• preparing briefs

• Technical support for the project (control over the development of project documentation, coordination it in the prescribed manner, the transfer of the bodies of expertise, and a contractor)

• Design permits for construction and reconstruction, control of life of the issued technical specifications for connection of utilities

• Ensure that the liberation of the building (relocation of citizens, organizations, conclusion of the buildings slated for demolition or reconstruction, other issues related to the preparation of sites for works)

• Organization of Construction Management


1.1. The main objectives of customer service is:

– Software, together with the other participants of the investment process in which the asset into operation in time, the project design and contract, respectively, approved the project and within the funds for construction.

– Ensuring a high technical level and quality of construction.

2. The main functions of the Customer during the preparation and implementation of construction

2.1. Construction planning:

a) participate in the preparation of construction plans;

2.2. Of contractors and preparation of contract for construction:

a) prepare proposals for attracting contractors and other participants in the construction object known;

b) verify the documents submitted for payment and survey design, contracting, supply and other organizations for the work performed, the delivered goods and services;

c) ensure the analysis and control of construction costs;

d) imposes the need for claims against contractors, suppliers and other organizations regarding recovery of penalties (fines, penalties) for outstanding work and compliance with the conditions of contracts.

2.3. Supervision of construction:

a) provides registration in the organs of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of responsible experts of organizations directly involved in construction, architectural and technical supervision;

b) carry out technical supervision of construction

c) monitor the compliance of the volume and quality of work performed projects, specifications and standards, ensure the implementation of project organizations field supervision;

2.4. Acceptance of the completed construction of objects:

a) monitors the implementation of commissioning and training objects for operation;

b) participate in the creation and work of the Working Committee preliminary check of readiness objects to show to state acceptance committee;