Completed projects

“Without knowledge and experience – can get but not what I wanted in the beginning!”

The company “Unicom Group” is a successful engineering company.

 “Unicom Group” is a team of professionals who are more than 10 years by highly technical supervision. We offer services for Technical Supervision, which is to organize and control processes during the design and construction of any facilities (residential and commercial complexes) on the territory of Ukraine.

“Technical supervision of construction – it is a constant quality control of work on the project to the smallest detail, to complete the project and compliance with building codes”

Our company not only controls the quality of work and compliance technologies in their production, but also a quality inspection of incoming materials to the object for compliance with state standards project to ensure an adequate quality of work, collects permits necessary for construction. As well as examining the cost estimates provided by the builders analyzes real prices for materials and all types of work at the time of check in your area to avoid unnecessary costs and reasonable to reduce the estimated cost of the work. (For details see “Our Services”)

At each stage of construction, from surveying the construction site and finishing with putting the building into operation, we provide building control, identifying errors and promptly remove them.

The proposed engineering services are functions of customer required for construction according to the rules and laws of Ukraine. In our work we focus exclusively on the customer and always consider all its demands and wishes.

Our experts – are architects, designers, engineers, technicians, supervisors – all highly qualified, are a cohesive team of professionals, which performs all the tasks assigned to it and is working on the result.

Engineering company “Unicom Group” was founded in 2002. The company “Unicom Group”, taking part in the construction and reconstruction of various objects in Ukraine for more than 10 years, has gained vast experience in the field of technical supervision and acting as the customer’s building.


The main direction of the engineering company “Unicom Group” is the advice and supervision of construction and reconstruction of objects – from preparing briefs, before placing into service. I would like to note that the main function of a competent technical supervision – to prevent and detect violations, errors, or marriage in the construction of buildings, and the money saving customer.

“Technical supervision of construction of buildings and structures, aimed at the systematic verification of compliance, cost, and quality of the construction works according to the approved project and the state standards. Implementation of the technical supervision of construction for all construction projects is required and provided by corporations and individuals who have the appropriate license (certificate) on the technical supervision.”

Worried about your budget, every day we follow the progress of construction and your desires without losing quality.

Our transparent pricing policy and precise estimates as save you from unexpected expenses.