Completed projects

As is known, the proper preparation of estimates – it is a time consuming process. Requires special skills and knowledge to intelligently and accurately plan the construction. For, on a calculated estimate of the construction depends financial planning, budgeting therefore be entrusted only to specialists. Our company offers professional preparation of estimates, so construction estimates will objectively reflect the real cost of building object. Engineers, quantity surveyors engineering company “Unicom Group” offer you professional development of construction cost estimates.

Estimate – a document, which is calculated before the costs of the implementation of any kind of project activities.


       The estimated cost of construction – is the amount of money needed for construction in accordance with the project. The estimated cost is the basis for determining the amount of capital investment, formation of the contract price for construction products and payment for the performance of contract work.

At the time of construction of buildings and facilities are bill of quantities and materials. Bill of Quantities includes payment of all construction and design work on the project. There are binding documents for budgeting. Bill of Materials – a list of the materials used.

Estimating customer needs to evaluate the cost, in the same important function is cost control, periods, and the steps of the work.

Documents required for budgeting at the construction site in accordance with the project:

1. The project;

2. The terms of reference;

3. Bill of quantities and materials.