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Building a house in Kiev. Getting started

Nowadays, the question of building a private house in Kiev is quite popular. Everyone wants to live in a fresh air, relax in your own backyard and equip the surrounding area to your taste, enjoy all the amenities of a country house.

Now live in a country house or cottage is rather prestigious, so the construction of houses in Kiev is a profitable investment.

How should your vacation home or cottage look like? Nowadays, there are many building materials, with which you can realize any of your wishes. Construction of your own house in Kiev is bound to become unique. Building a house in Kiev or in its region, prestige of the area and proximity to the capital and transport connection should be taken into consideration. It should be also mentioned that many people now prefer to build a house in Kiev.

You have a wide choice of what to start your house construction: brick or using frame technology, not to mention the interior decoration. The cost of building a house in Kiev cannot be calculated only on the basis of the area of ​​the future house. When building a house all should be included: the type of foundation, construction materials, wall area, work on the interior design, clearing device. Calculating the cost of building a house will be possible only having the full and approved general plan and design of a country house.

Theoretical knowledge of the house construction is not enough. Based only on theory, you will not be able to realize in practice the construction of a country house or cottage in Kiev.

For the project realization you will need professionals who know the technology of construction and will be able to help you. It is important that your house will become comfortable, durable and reliable.

At all stages of the construction of houses are connected. If you have no foundation for the house you will not build a wall; with no communications, there will be no light and water; with no windows, there will be no isolation. In the construction of houses everything should be carefully considered, but most importantly – its reliability and security.

If you already have a complete design of a country house, rest assured – you are protected against unpleasant surprises.

The cost of building a house in Kiev can vary depending on the original construction of the house. Slightly different is the value of the house of bricks, blocks, timber or logs. The cost estimates include many types of work – excavation, laying the foundation, masonry walls, availability of  chimneys and stairs, roofing work, exterior decoration, electrical wiring, communications work, waterproofing, etc.

Engineering company “Unicom Group” offers customized exclusive projects. In addition, you can choose one of the finished projects, if it suits you and meets your needs and preferences. In our projects you will find:

• a variety of design and planning decisions;

• modern architectural trends;

• a wide range of modern building materials;

• maximum  incorporation of your wishes;

• relatively affordable prices.


First of all, after you have chosen the site on which you plan to build a house, you have to get a permission to build a house. This document can be obtained from the administration of the place where you have chosen the site.

Who can help you with the project of building a house? What project is right for you? You should firstly contact the architect, because it is with his work that the construction begins. Never start your project without a competent architect, because initially you and the architect should function as a whole, understand and think in the same way. Of course, to find a professional who will understand you at a glance is not so easy, but the task is not impossible, but if your project is provide with the true experts in the field, then consider that it is doomed to become successful. Using the services of the architect,  from the very beginning you limit the financial scope of your building project and this way will get the house in which all your wishes and whims will be satisfied.

The project of building a house has to consider everything from foundation, till getting the keys of the doors. You can not just start building houses, without coordinating all the details. The architect must calculate square footage for each family member, select the optimum arrangement of the rooms and bathrooms, and point out the location of a utility room in your future country house.

According to the European experience in which the individual building of houses developed slowly, and under natural conditions, not as a result of extremely rapid burst, as it happened in our country, there is no better solution than the harmonious union of your future house and nature surrounding you. Most often, the landscapes, and perfectly blended housing structure, are no less important and much more meaningful than the material for roofing or walls.

Cost and performance of various stylistic discoveries that will be used in the house construction should also be discussed with the architect in advance. In this case, the architect must inform the customer of a functional load of a building to allow the customer know beforehand, for example, that the flat roof of his house is strictly forbidden to brush the snow off, or that openwork forged set in his may present some risk to children, even though it does not carry any functional load. So it should be borne in mind that you just have to get the professional advice from the architect, because in the end, it is you who will pay for the architectural design of the house.

As for the security of your house, it should be noted that the gloomy fences gradually fade in the past, and it is now better to use the so-called security systems. In this case, your house will be exposed to the direct sun and wind. However, if you are still a supporter of the fences, it is much nicer, easier and cheaper to install a low cottage fence, which will become a decoration for your house.

My home is my castle. In order to ensure that these words become a reality for you, our experts do their work. Since the modern pace of life often deprives us from a chance to independently realize our dreams – like building a cottage, the optimal solution will be to leave this task to the professionals.

Engineering company “Unicom Group” has more than 10 years in the construction field to ensure the high quality of our service. As it is known, the construction of houses in Kiev – a responsible and complex undertaking, that cannot be entrusted to amateurs.