Completed projects

Construction cost estimations

Each construction begins with preparation of a construction estimates. This document should reflect the market value of the materials, equipment and construction machinery. And also it should include the cost of manufactured works at all stages of construction, from the beginning to the ending stage of the commissioning of a finished facility.

This document may be objective, consolidated or local. Cost estimation without detailed specification is called an estimated report. In-depth cost estimation with detailed costing according to design drawings is the most popular among contractors.

The components of the estimated costs:

– Materials;

– Construction machinery and equipment;

-Payment to construction contractors;


-Additional and unforeseen expenses.

For a more detailed consideration local and objective estimates are used, as well as the total sheet of resources that can demonstrate and adjust labor costs, the cost of contract works, the contract price with detailed direct costs and materials, an accurate calculation of overheads with the regulatory estimates of consuming work.

Construction cost estimates significantly improves the original position of the construction budget, and reduces to a minimum the incidents of the construction process if it is composed correctly. That is why, preparation of the construction cost estimates is entrusted to the professionals of engineering company. They will take into account and inform the customer of all the potential pitfalls of expensive items, excluding misunderstandings during construction.