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Construction license


Construction license for the company is the second most important document after the registration certificate for the construction contract. The presence of the construction license has benefits, creating a competitive advantage over possible rivals, but also potentially provides to sign a lucrative contract. License for construction – is a mandatory document.

Obtaining a license is very time-consuming and tedious process, which is best to entrust professionals. To obtain a construction license the following list must be submitted:

– Application for a license;

– A package of documents;

– Pass of the expert review (on-site);

– Representation of the interests of the company to the director or chief engineer of the company at the meeting of the expert committee in the State Agricultural and Construction Supervision.

For a license for each type of activity you need to provide a certain number of qualified professionals. A requirement to obtain a license is to have experts arresters, recruited according to personnel arrangement.

Great attention is paid to the presence of construction equipment owned or rented, with the parameters corresponding to the requested type of licensing activities.

License commission carefully checks warehouse and office space or the lease of premises, availability of equipment or the lease, the state of company’s logistics, composition of engineering staff (attached copies of diplomas, certificates), accuracy of orders’ formulation, availability of office supplies.

All this can be left to professional service. Coordinated team will do everything for you. What will remain is to only receive this important document.