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Advantages of brick houses. Advantages of frame houses

House of bricks will save heat for decades, bringing comfort to their owners. Brick House is a structure which may well be inherited for generations, through at least 100-150 years.

Spacious brick house, regardless of architecture, can be called family house undoubtedly. The use of modern insulating materials enables you to implement effective technology of house warming. Insulated wall of the house, built on such technology, corresponds to the normal level of heat loss to the brick wall of 2 meters thickness.

Normal brick wall thickness of 510 mm no longer fits modern thermal technical standards in Ukraine. To achieve the required resistance to heat, today it is possible to either make it 610 mm thick or warm. Warming can be of the following ways: inside and outside.

We would like to enumerate the advantages of brick houses:

  • low exposure to atmospheric conditions
  • no exposure to biological factors
  • high structural strength
  • high degree of protection against fire.

As for the frame houses:

Average service time and specifications of modern frame house is often left far behind traditional wooden construction. New materials and technologies can create the same indoor climate in the frame house as in a traditional wooden, while reducing heating costs by several times. In the original frame house it is initially possible to install good thermal and humidity specifications. Houses of the given type are less inert, it has no “dampness”, as, for example, in a stone house, it is less susceptible to the negative effects of the environment. Frame house is ecologically clean, comfortable and energy efficient.

Since the total weight of the frame structure is much less than the weight of the structure of logs, bricks or concrete, so when building a frame house saving starts already with installation of the foundation. If the land for construction has a “weak” ground, there is almost no alternative to wireframe houses. Frame construction allows without significant financial investment to make the external appearance and internal layout of the house almost of any architectural form. There is an opportunity to realize the original ideas of the architect and designer. And the lining of the frame house can be done in such a way that it will not be any different from the houses of brick or, for example, from the houses of whole logs.