Completed projects
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Design documentation

Construction, reconstruction, repair of buildings, structures and facilities and its parts are made on the basis of construction documentation of graphic and text materials that define space-planning, design and technical solutions for the construction, reconstruction and repair of facilities and improvement of its land plots.

One of the main activities of the Unicom company is to provide services. Technical support of the project, control over the development of project documentation and its reconciliation to the established procedure, transference to the examination bodies and a building contractor. At this stage the Unicom professionals will help you find the right plot of land that will help you save money during the design and laying of foundations. Proper preparation for the task of design and technical support for project work allows to develop the design and construction documents in a short time, in full compliance with building regulations, state standards and other normative and legislative documents. Well-designed construction documentation in turn makes it impossible to carry out construction work without disruption of the timing and with the proper quality.

The construction documentation is developed in accordance with the building regulations, approved by the relevant bodies of architecture and urban planning, state control and supervision.

Preparing briefs of design task

• Clarification of geodetic and geological surveys.

• Selection and coordination with the customer traces and places to attach the object to the existing networks.

• Collecting, organizing technical review of existing networks (networking sites) and technical installations.

• Development of the design task, matching it with the customer.

• Organization of the hydro geological, geological, geodetic surveys.

• Organization of a feasibility study.

• Selection of design and survey organizations.

• Adjustment of final design task with selected designer , and matching it with the customer.

• Pre-selection of contractors, manufacturers and suppliers of materials and equipment.

• Develop a schedule of construction (reconstruction) of the object

Competently and professionally created project, saves up to 25% of the cost of construction.