Completed projects
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Technical supervision

  • Cottages.
  • Country houses.
  • Apartments.
  • Offices.
  • Shopping centers.
  • Industrial, residential and warehouse buildings.

      Construction control and inspection is a set of expert work to ensure the project is implemented on time, according to the quality standards and costs, provided in the construction documentation.

The main related function is to ensure a high quality of work, the security and safety of buildings, as well as to achieve a high level of economic efficiency in the realization of the projects.

However, any technical errors or defects at any stage of the construction project, from developing technical tasks, to carrying out finishing works, can have disastrous consequences. These effects can be expressed in significant financial costs and property damage. In the worst case, the accident risk in these buildings and structures will be increased with a threat to human life.

Procedures, provided by construction control and technical inspection, help prevent these effects by ensuring full compliance of the design documentation with the construction standards, and the construction work with the project requirements.

Particular attention should be paid to the budgeting documentation. Overrating the cost, material expenses, not corresponding to reality – all of the mentioned can lead to a waste of vast amounts of money and nerves of the customer. Our professionals examine budgeting documentation, thus revealing all of the violations and making further management plan of the construction.

In this approach, one can immediately see how much money is needed and what exactly it should be spent on. Construction inspection reveals any irregularities in the documentation, in compliance with current building standards and regulations.