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Construction of the roof. Roof structures.

Roof is the fifth façade of the building. It must be waterproof, frost-proof, durable and retain heat.

It is a complex multi-layer structural roofing pie with integrated skylights and which carries the gutter system.

You should not confuse the term “roofing” and “roof”. Roofing – is the top element of the roof, consisting of just a roofing material which protects against all types of atmospheric precipitation. But the roof – it’s a more inclusive term that implies the construction of a complex building envelope bearing waterproofing and heat-saving features, providing the possibility of organizing additional living space. Roofs exist of different forms, depending on the traditions, aesthetic preferences and function of roof space. The most common ones are: double-pitch, lean-to, globose, hipped and sloping (mansard dormer) roof.

Modern roof is foremost, the new materials and the new technologies that improve the technical performance, reliability, durability and aesthetics of the roof. The choice of materials of roofing system should be based on the principle of balancing the working life of all components. The main economic indicator is the cost of the entire roof system for a given service life and performance characteristics. Reliability and durability of the roof is also provided and a competent Installation of roofing system.

Roofing is the top element of the roof, protecting the building from the penetration of atmospheric precipitation.

Attic is the space between the surface of the coating (roof), exterior walls and ceiling of the upper floor. It protects the house from the cold, provide ventilation and airing of the structural elements of the roof. On the constructive side, attic greatly improves the security and durability of the roof, but increases the cost of the building over to the house that has a mansard.

Mansard is the floor in the attic space, the facade of which is wholly or partly formed by the inclined surface or sloping roof, with the line of intersection of the roof plane and facade should be at a height of 1.5 meters above the floor of the mansard. The interior of the house is used to the limit, which is why the cost of the building is greatly reduced.

Structurally, roofs can be with cold and warm roofing.