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How to choose a team of builders and not get deceived?

Private construction technician is a collaboration with the builder, working in private. With private constructor the risk of unforeseen circumstances is much higher than with organized construction company. For example, he can suddenly become ill, urgently return home or as more often simply go in hard drinking and in each of these cases, you immediately need to find people who will have to finish his job. If repair work is nearly completed, then finding builders who would be interested in doing a very small amount of work for comparable money is not easy. Here described the case, when working with the private builder may cause sudden complications. There is at the same time the risk of not only unplanned difficulties, but also cases of deliberate fraud on the part of individuals. Most often this is due to the transfer of an advanced payment, after which your constructor is no longer available at your service.

Is it worth your time and nerves – it is your decision.

The advantages of the construction company:

Before starting construction work, we prepare cost estimates documentation that will show the total cost of construction. If necessary, estimates can be made in detail, with a full list of the main materials. This will help you to distribute finances.

Before starting construction work, a formal agreement is made, in which indicated who is responsible for what type of work, time terms, payment and warranty. This will allow you to resolve conflicts both amicably as well as in the courts.

The company is responsible for delivery of materials and garbage disposal. Responsibily for the quality of work is carried by a foreman. He organizes the whole construction process, combines the work of individual professionals, addresses emerging technical issues and inconsistencies. The construction company is responsible for the work performed and provides guarantees.